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During your first visit we began the process of correcting spinal lesions called subluxation (joints which have lost normal motion and alignment) and associated muscle reactions. This process my lead to initial soreness. This soreness can be decreased with the use of ice.
If exercises or specific stretching procedures were given, follow the directions given as they will speed the healing and recovery process.
The second visit may be the most important visit of your treatment. During this visit a treatment plan and treatment goals will be outlined. A treatment plan will be tailored to your case and with the goal of 100% improvement. The treatment plan will consist of a clustering period and a tapering period. Both of these periods are equally important. The clustering phase consists of more frequent visits to begin the process of healing the spinal lesions. The tapering phase involves a decreased frequency in visits where the spinal lesions begin to hold their corrected positions for a more extended period of time. In order to reach full improvement it is important to follow the given treatment plan.
When a spinal segment is injured by an accident or repeated micro traumas such as poor posture, it becomes locked or misaligned. This event leads to inflammation around the joint, muscle spasm, and/or joint fiber sprains. This then leads to irritation of nerve fibers around the joint. These fibers control the function of the muscle and other glands or organs in the area, as well as perceive pain. This leads to the focal pain, radiating pain, or the systemic symptoms you are experiencing.
This is due to fibers in the surrounding muscle called the Golgi Tendon Apparatus. These fibers are in control of the tone or length of a muscle. When we adjust the joint position and muscle tightness, we trigger these fibers. They respond to these changes by pulling the joint back to its old incorrect position and by resetting the muscle to its hypertonic or tight state. During the clustering period of the treatment plan we will be looking to re-educate the Golgi fibers to obtain the correct length of muscle and joint positioning. This is how we can obtain the best results possible.
This can be a difficult question to answer. Depending on the plan the doctor may be able to answer this question. It is recommended that if you have questions on insurance coverage, that you call the number in the back of your card.


Dr. Matt always makes the appointments quick and comfortable. My back pain has greatly decreased after coming to Tubbs Chiropractic.
JF - Albert Lea, MN
Every few months I experience stiffness/ache across my shoulders and neck. This can cause headache discomfort. After an adjustment at Tubbs Chiropractic, I’m doing much better. Dr. Matt always makes sure the adjustments have helped with the reason for your visit.
BC - Albert Lea, MN
I have been visiting Dr. Tubbs regularly for 3 years. I had frequent headaches and back pain. Now I rarely ever have any sort of back pain. Chiropractic care has truly improved my quality of life!
KO - Albert Lea, MN